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I agreed to all agreement
Account opening agreement
Open the company's account immediately and enjoy the most favorable dividends!
  • The company only accepts the application of the legal gambling age. At the same time, we reserve the right to provide the customer with its age certificate.
  • All the information provided by the company at the time of registration must be accurate and complete in all aspects. When using a debit card or a credit card, the name of the cardholder must be consistent with the registration on the website.
  • Take an effective deposit after opening the account and congratulate you on becoming an effective member of the company.
  • Deposit free fee.
  • After being a valid member of the company, the customer is responsible for providing the latest personal data to our company at any time by e-mail, online customer service and message on the company's website.
  • The company has the right to consider these accounts as a joint account when it is found that members have repeated application for account accounts. We reserve the right to cancel and recover all the preferential dividends of the membership and the profit generated by the preferential dividend. Each game player, each and every email address, each telephone number, same payment card / credit card number, and a shared computer environment (for example: Internet cafes and other public computer etc.) can only have a membership account, the offer is only applicable to each customer in the company only account.
  • Our company is an agency providing Internet service. Members are invited to refer to the laws of the local government before registration. If the members are registered or betting in the company where the gambling is not allowed, they are not responsible for any member's personal behavior and bear any liability.
  • Whether it is an individual or a group, if there is any threat or abuse of the company's preferential behavior, the company reserves the right to cancel and withdraw the bonus from the privilege, and reserve the right to recover the highest 50% Commission.
  • All of the company's offer is specifically designed for game player, game player registration information in dispute, to ensure the interests of both sides, to prevent identity theft, the company reserves the right to require customers to provide adequate and effective document to us, and in a variety of ways to identify whether the customer meets the qualifications to enjoy any of our preferential.
  • The customer will be deemed to accept all the rules and regulations issued on the company's website as soon as it is registered and opened.

Our company is using online entertainment software provided by CG. If you find that you have multiple account members on the same entertainment town and make a bet on the arbitrage, we have the right to cancel your membership account and cancel all the bet profits.

Congratulations! Bind successful!